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Best Coffee

The best coffee is a matter of taste. You may like dark roast, light roast, French or Italian. But to get the best coffee possible at home, you should be aware of the following tips and info:

Know your coffee plants

Coffee comes from two types of coffee plants. The Arabica and the Robusta. Robusta has higher caffeine content and as a result can have a more bitter taste. Arabica on the other hand, has less caffeine and has a milder taste. Many people experience stomachaches from cheap bitter Robusta and it always pays to buy quality Arabica. With some research, you can buy it for the same price as Robusta.

Always buy whole beans

When you buy ground coffee you are on a race against time. Coffee will begin to loose its aroma and flavor once it has been ground, so it always pays to grind the beans as and when you need them. If at all possible, try to buy locally roasted beans. This is going to make your coffee taste all the more fresh. 

Know how to store your coffee

Want to know how to ruin coffee? Take it in and out of the refrigerator every time you want to use it. This is a sure fire way to ruin the flavor of the coffee. If you make coffee everyday, the best coffee is going to be stored in an airtight container. Keeping an unsealed bag of coffee in cold temperatures is going to ruin the flavor.

Use a French Press

Many people assume you need a commercial coffee maker to produce the best coffee. In fact, a simple French press will provide you will a fantastic cup of coffee every time. The benefit of using a French Press over a drip pot is that most of the coffee oils will end up in the coffee and not lost in the filter.

Use pure water

Use the best quality water you can possibly get to make the best coffee. Water straight from the tap is going to contain chemicals that will alter the flavor of the coffee.