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Coffee Makers

We all want to enjoy the finest coffee we can in the comfort of our own home. Unfortunately for most of us, buying a commercial espresso machine is not a possibility. And even if it were, it would pretty much be a waste of money and take up half of your kitchen. We want coffee makers that are small, compact and still produce a great cup of coffee every time. So what are our choices?

Coffee Drip Brewer

These are the most popular coffee makers for the home. You simply pour your ground coffee beans into a paper filter, place water in the reservoir and flip the switch. If you buy a quality model and maintain it well, you can get a great cup every time.

The only downside of these coffee makers is that they can burn the coffee if it is left on the hotplate for too long. Anyone who has drunk a cup of coffee that has been resting in a pot for two hours will testify to this. The best thing to do is to only make as much coffee as you need and if the coffee has been resting for more than an hour, pour it away and make a new pot.

The French Press

This is a simple design, but very effective. Many people prefer these simple coffee makers to the drip brewers. A French press is basically a glass beaker that you pour ground coffee into. Slowly pour hot water over the coffee, attach the lid, wait 4 minutes and then press down on the plunger.

You will find that many high-class coffee houses will actually serve you coffee this way. It gets great results every time and is also very easy to clean and maintain. The French press also gives off a very strong coffee aroma that is always pleasant.

Single Cup Coffee Maker

If you are looking to make a single cup of coffee with no mess and no clean up then you should look into the single cup coffee maker. You have probably seen these in your office or an office of someone you know. You simply put the packet into the coffee makers and you almost instantly have your cup of coffee, no spilt beans and no cleaning needed.

The only downside of these coffee makers is that the variety of coffee you can buy is limited. You can only buy the coffee that comes in the packets you need. So for those who want to experiment and try out lost of different flavors, these coffee makers are not for you.