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Coffee Pots

If you make your coffee from the popular coffee drip brewers you will need a quality coffee pot. Inferior coffee pots could crack and coffee pots that are too thin could cook the coffee and ruin it.

Coffee pots are synonymous with the roadside diner. There have been countless scenes in popular movies where the waitress offers a refill to the films protagonist from a coffee pot. There is just something wholesome and comforting about coffee pots. Although at home you hopefully will not be serving coffee at the same speed as a roadside diner waitress, you still want to have quality coffee pots.

Cleaning your coffee pot and coffee maker

If you have a glass coffee pot, you will occasionally need to clean it out to avoid any stains. A great way to clean your coffee maker and coffee pot is to pour vinegar through the machine. Vinegar works at the lime and mineral build-up that occurs over time. Run vinegar through your machine into your coffee pot twice and then run pure, filtered water through the machine at the end to make sure you have a vinegar-free machine. It really is that simple; avoid paying for coffee-cleaning products. All you need is some vinegar and some elbow grease.