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Where are your favorite coffee shops? We know where ours are and we visit them everyday. Once you find your favorite haunt, there is little that can be done to make you start visiting another. But the variety of coffee out there is huge and to really sample every type of coffee you need to visit a few different coffee shops.

One may make the best French roast while another may make an out-of-this-world macchiato. It is often too tempting for us to visit the drive-through franchise that we know will make a "safe" cup of coffee. Nothing unexpected, nothing unusual, just the same taste we have sampled before.

But try something new. Visit one of the coffee shops in your area that are independent. You will find the service much more intimate. Order something different from their coffee menu or ask the owners to recommend you something. When you visit an independent coffee shop, take your drink, sit back and soak in the atmosphere. Look around you; you will see people from all walks of life and some interesting characters too.

Take a look at the notice boards as well. Coffee shops are often the hearts of communities and the notice boards are great to take a look at. You may see events, local advertisements or services that you would never have found in a franchise. If there is an event going on at your local coffee shop, be brave and attend! You never know what you might learn or who you might meet. Coffee shops really are a great way to meet new people.