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Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are long, low tables that typically go in front of a sofa. They are designed to make picking up and putting down your cup of coffee that much easier. They not only support coffee cups, they also usually hold magazines and books as well. In fact the phrase "coffee table book" is now a recognized term.

A coffee table book is a hardcover version of a popular book designed to be a feature of a room. They are usually oversized and mainly consist of pictures rather than pages of pure text. Some people in the world of literature have taken this term and used it to insult books they feel approach a subject superficially.

Most coffee tables are not complete without a coaster or two. After all, it is a tragedy to see fine, expensive coffee tables ruined by the rings left from coffee cups. Always use a coaster, it is considered good manners to ask for one and it you want your coffee table to last longer and look its best, you should always have some readily available when guests stop by.